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BC720 Electrodes 8 touch electrodes Frequency Range 1,5, 50, 250,550,1000 kHz  Display 8.4 Inch Wide Color LCD Dimension 496 x 932 x 1182mm (WxDxH) Weight 42kg Measuring Time Appx. 60 seconds Age Range 1~99 years Height Range 50~220 cm Weight Range 10~270kg Option Ankle electrodes Ultrasonic height meter Blood pressure monitor Body Composition Analysis Body Water Proteins Minerals Body Fat Muscle/Fat Analysis Weight Skeletal Muscle Mass Fat Mass Obesity Analysis Body Mass Index Percentage of Body Fat Abdominal Obesity Analysis Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) Visceral Fat Level / Area / Mass Subcutaneous Fat Mass Segmental Analysis Segmental Lean Analysis Segmental Fat Analysis Body Water Analysis Intracellular Water (ICW) Extracellular Water (ECW) ECW Ratio Segmental Body Water Analysis Segmental ECW Ratio Analysis Segmental Intracellular Water Segmental Extracellular Water Comprehensive Evaluation Body Composition History Body Type Biological Age Basal Metabolic Rate Total Daily Energy Expenditure Body Cell Mass Obesity Degree Abdominal Circumference Total Score Body Balance Assessment Control Guide Predicted Abdominal Obesity Whole Body Phase Angle Impedance Blood Pressure Monitor Connection QR CodeÂ

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